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It has been more than three months since the start of my PR blog. I considered it a space to train writing, learn new things, and present it in an intriguing and accessible way. I knew that I might share it with a potential employer to show my proactivity and storytelling abilities. But I have never dreamt that my PR blog in three months will find me a graduate position in the sector I always wanted to be in!

How I got my first comms job in the UK

Last year I heard many times that a blog could be a great way to distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd. I thought that: “Yeah, maybe someone has got a job by a blog… But it’s not going to be me.” After tenth encouragement to try it, I finally motivated myself. I didn’t have any expectations. I just wanted to improve my writing skills and better understand sophisticated issues of the PR and marketing industry, such as AI in PR, programmatic advertising, and other topics you can find in previous blogs.

Some time ago, I came across a fascinating topic – ad fraud. I was shocked how much money in digital marketing is wasted and how little known the problem is. I started researching the issue and found some fantastic sources about ad fraud, including Dr Augustine Fou’s LinkedIn and his articles in Forbes. They were invaluable resources, and after publishing, I tagged Dr Fou in my posts to say thank you for sharing great insights. He reshared my post what itself was a great recognition for me.

But it was not the end! After a few hours later, I received a message on LinkedIn. The CEO of the ad tech company from Silicon Valley read my post and found it good enough to invite me to the interview! After two amazing chats, I signed the contract, and this Monday was my first day at Pixalate as a Content Writer.

My personal recommendations

As I said initially, I have never dreamt that my PR blog will allow me to find a job. I always wanted to work in the tech or sports industry, and I’m over the moon to achieve it even before graduation. What I learnt from this experience is:

  • Start writing your blog as soon as you can – it can really open many doors you didn’t even know about
  • Everyone can write – I am not a native English speaker, and I still managed to run it, with quite good results, apparently
  • Think about sectors you want to work in – if you want to work in tech – write about tech. If in fashion – write about fashion. It will allow you to learn more about the industry and meet people from the industry who might help you get a job.

PR blog and B2B communication

If you want to work in B2B communication – write about more technical things and show your knowledge. When I started my blog, I thought that I would focus on interviews with practitioners and recaps from events I attend. But I’ve got invaluable advice from Kerry Sheehan. Write more about the latest trends and show my knowledge about them.

It was a game-changer, and it allowed me to get a job I have. I also heard from my bosses that my blog’s subjects distinguished me from other potential candidates. It made my way to this job. I can’t say if it works for every part of the PR industry. But I believe it can be an excellent way to get a job in more technical sectors like construction or STEM.

PR blog and B2C communication

In B2C communication, it’s probably better to show your empathy and ability to deal with people. So more editorial stuff like interviews and recaps could work here. I see some amazing blogs like Sophie’s with interesting conversations, and it seems to work for her very well!

Unfortunately, there is no ultimate recipe for success. But it is always worth trying! Ask questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to more experienced practitioners for a piece of advice. Our industry is terrific, and the possibilities to learn from others are invaluable.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and you found it helpful. Thank you for reading!

How my PR blog gave me a full-time comms job

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