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My decision to study public relations was not easy. The temptation to explore different areas was strong. Now, after almost five years of studies and more than a year of professional experience, I can say it was a great choice. 

The beginning

After graduating from high school, I was not sure which path will be the best for me. I was (and still I am) keen on economics, finances, and law. After being one of the finalists of a nation-wide competition, I had many options to choose from. I finally picked a PR course at the University of Warsaw.

I didn’t want to fall into a routine and be buried by never-ending, repeatable tasks. What convinced me to study public relations was the ability to work in many industries every day. You do not have to narrow down your interests, agencies have many clients from a variety of industries. You can try which one fits you best and then focus on it or just stay in this changing environment.

Scholarship and catching the first experience

I don’t think many jobs are allowing you to develop yourself in so many ways. I used to connect my studies with working in PR agencies. My beginning was an internship where I supported communications efforts for oil, scientific, and construction companies. After three months, I went to China for a scholarship to explore this unique country and culture. Spending a semester here was one of the best decisions in my life, even though the beginnings weren’t easy.

studying public relations in China

After coming back, I caught a great full-time job in a PR agency. I was mainly responsible for communications of tech, travel, and logistics companies. This variety of industries is what I love the most in this job. Learning new stuff every day from different areas, uncertainty, often the necessity to act quickly is what makes this job special.

British chapter

It was my third and the last year of studies and I decided that I need a new challenge. Studying in the UK was my goal for a few years which I achieved it with an offer from Newcastle University. Studying Media and Public Relations is just a pleasure and it exceeded my expectations. Lecturer’s approach and knowledge are outstanding and we have the opportunity to gain not only theoretical but also practical skills.

I connect studies with internships, doing courses, mentoring programs, and memberships in the CIPR and PRCA. I will cover these topics in my future blog posts. You can also expect interviews with PR practitioners and articles about communication and everything related. My goal is to share my views and experience here. Hopefully it will help somebody to land a dream job.

This is the first post on this blog, you can check my first effort originally published by Newcastle University. I hope you enjoyed this little introduction, stay tuned for more practical content very soon.

Thank you for your attention and hope to see you soon!

Why I decided to study public relations and why I don’t regret it

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